Has anyone ever done a dual spindle on X-carve?

Just curious, do you think it would be possible and if so what do you think the powers supply, motors, etc would be necessary to do so?

Interesting setup. Do you think dual motors would be necessary? I was thinking of bolting an aluminum plate across the existing one and mounting 2 routers on it. Any thoughts on whether the stock steppers would handle it?

add another X Carriage Extrusion with v-wheels and wire parallel the X step motor, Z step motor.

Very nice! I think with the right stiffening mod this could work. Very cost effective as well. I am going to try it when I get a chance.


I will be using 2 dewalt 611 on manual so no problem there, but on the dual setup,what power supply requirements do you think this would need?

Also do you think the arduino and gshield will handle this setup?

This will require custom hardware other than GRBL.
GRBL can only control 3 axis.
This dual carve experiment would have at least 4: X, Y, Z1, Z2. Possibly a 5th: X2.

i can wire two controller for Z to arduino Nano.


Thanks Jeremy, alternatively, if one were to do the stiffening mod on the gantry and instead were to make a single plate attached to Z axis mount and attach a 2 router setup you would effectively accomplish the same thing but I assume you would need to beef up the stepper motors. I am using 23a now, is there a more powerful stepper motor that I could replace the 23a with that is compatible with the gshield?

Nice, and not too expensive, any chance I could get your wiring setup on this?

My other concern is doing a stepper motor adjustment for correct voltage. I wonder if the 2 setups would be perfectly in sync or if one would require more voltage than the other and create a conflict?

Dual X Carriage Extrusion design.

I’m think that one step motor for X and two for Z wire parallel with a select switch that let control one motor at time.with 12 v-wheels.