Has anyone made a dragknife (like Donek) work nicely? What is the software setup & Easel workflow?

I’m considering a dragknife upgrade, probably the Donek 4. But it’s the software and hardware configuration that seems the weak point. Anyone get this running nicely? How is the xcarve configured to turn the drag knife in the right direction? What software or Easel workflow is necessary? Is there any decent tutorial for this?

Also, what would be the hold down method for materials like leather? I’d be working with chrome-tanned learher, so laser cutting isn’t really an option unless I like the prospect of fumes causing long term ling cancer risks.

All help, partial or complete, much appreciated.

There is a recent thread on drag knives that may answer some of your questions …

This guy is on this forum, i have this in my etsy cart, looks like he currently sold out. was going to purchase last week myself. I have not contacted him yet. Cant remember who he is.


I looked for it on ETSY to see more info and how it works, how it is attached, etc. but could not find it on the site. Maybe the post has been removed.

I found a video with another CNC but the Donek blade that shows basically that the blade fits in the normal router Chuck, router stays off, but blade turns on its own built in pivot as the CNC x/y moves. But you still need special software to make custom tool paths for the blade, turn radius, and z-axis control for when the blade needs to lift in and out if material. It doesn’t look like there’s a very smooth or seamless workflow to get it working with an xcarve, a lot a lot of diy tinkering, not quite what I’m looking for I think. I need something a bit more turn-key, no time to learn a whole new workflow… Maybe in the future.