Has anyone tried GRBLWeb and a Raspberry Pi to control X-Carve?

I’m just getting started with my X-Carve, but I’m happy with using a Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint to control my 3D printer and I’ll be looking for a similar solution for the X-Carve. I came across GRBLWeb - has anyone tried it yet and have any feedback on it?

I use that combination and I LOVE it. Setting it up on WiFi wast easy for me but if you go to the GRBLweb google group page you can see how it ended up working. I have mine set up with a webcam and I can monitor the machine with my phone or tablet or other computer. Sending the code is easy from a PC but I do not know how to send from IOS. I still can jog and home and do some things form my phone though. It is a pretty bare bones sender and has limited functions though, and the layout could use some work but over all I personally think its great. Once the code is sent everything is being worked on the PI and not your PC.
I do not have a oh Sh** button on my x-carve but every time something has gone strange I either had time to stop it through the browser or power off the arduino. *but if you kill the x-carve the PI will keep sending the codes so make sure you reset GRBLweb before turning your machine back on. Overall setup wasn’t that hard but I did set up GRBL using Easel first.