Has anyone tried RenShape?

Has anyone used RenShape? It’s what Carbide3d calls “synthetic wood.” From a site I found:

RenShape modeling & styling boards are designed and formulated to meet the wide scope of proofing, modeling, styling, prototyping and fabricating applications found throughout industry today.

The RenShape line provides the user with a wide range of performance characteristics and cost alternatives. Although the RenShape line consists of modeling boards for many types of applications, they all share a number of performance characteristics
including: ease of machining, excellent dimensional stability, good edge definition and low levels of residual particles for easy cleanup.

There is a sample kit available (link below) that I was thinking about buying. It looks like it’s hard to find though.

More Info: https://www.freemansupply.com/video/products/renshape.htm


Beautiful stuff. Pricey. I used to use it or similar when working for a company that footed the bill. :smiley:

like JDM said… pricey, but cuts like butter. I haven’t cut it on this machine yet, but have on previous machines. Basically grain-less wood. a cheaper way to go if you are prototyping is what we called “yellow foam” which is a polyurethane foam

cant remember the source we used to order from.