Has anyone used a 1/2in straight pattern bit for hogging out material?

I have a project I’m working on and I’d like to use a larger bit to hog out the main pocket area.

I have a whiteside #3004 pattern bit.

this has a 1 inch cut length, is 1/2 in in diameter (perfect size).

it won’t be going more than .65inch deep so I think it can handle it (3 passes). My concern is that it is a strait cutting bit, meaning the cutting head is not spiraled they are just vertical cutters.

has anyone use something like this? I’m using Aspire and have set the plunge cuts to ramp so again I’m thinking it should be fine.

I’ve tried a few straight bits like that with no issue, mostly 1/8" bits, but my wasteboard leveling bit is straight, no spiraling and it has a 3/4" cutting head.

Shouldn’t be an issue.