Have an open builds workbee

Have an Open builds Work-bee, every thing has been great for 6 months, gone back to machine after a lay of, and have ruined three jobs, work space on machine is 750x750, now everything is out, text is 7mm bigger and spacing around text is also out by between 7-10 mm what has changed everything was ok before. working on a piece of corian 320x170x12mm. don`t know what to try, any help would be appreciated

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I’d check your grbl settings. You should type $$ in the console line to see them. To adjust them you have to find the ratio of what you want to what you get and multiply that resultant number by the grbl setting for the number that is saved. The setting most impacted might be $100, $101, and $102

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (diymachining.com)

See my post in this thread for more details

Calibrating my X-carve 1000 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

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Thank you I’ll try that, much appreciated. Cheers Derek

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If you’re using OpenBuilds Control as the gcode sender, there is also a walkthough on that calibration (specifically for the workbee) with photos and blanks to enter your data, it does all the math for you… :+1:

Thanks Seth, I’ll try and find it, appreciate the help

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In openbuilds control its under the wizard button at the main screen :+1:
I use a straight edge across the top and a mechanical pencil and measure with calipers to get it even more accurate…

Thank you everyone, problem is resolved, was g r b l setting,


You were right the grill settings had changed, great advice thank you

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