Have Easel remember your choice of units between sessions

Don’t know if this is possible but can Easel be changed so that it remembers the units you used last time even if you don’t reopen the same project?

I’m always having to change from inches to mm, again for the bit, again for other stuff and it gets boring really quickly. I know I can toggle and change them, but would propose that it just remembers and reuses what you used last time. Could simply be stored as a localStorage parameter.

I know you guys like your inches (as does Burma and Liberia) but the majority of the planet has gone metric :smile:




The darn x-carve is metric, too. That really makes finding bits here tough, but, good for the rest of the planet, I guess. :laughing:

That would be great!

Easel should remember your choices based on the project. Can you please be more specific about exactly which inputs change, and give me step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue?

I set my default mm and it saves the choices. But if you select new project it defaults to inches and you have to select mm again.

Yes, currently the unit choice is saved on a per-project basis. If you’ve created a project and set it to use metric units, the project should still use metric units if you open it later—but a new project would still use inches. We could definitely consider changing that to a user-level attribute.


Metric bits are so easy to find on eBay and Amazon (canada atleast)! and they are cheaper. Canada is kind of a funny place on this topic as we are split on the topic, I work in an industry that is mainly Imperial. I’m attempting to convert myself into metric as it seems to make life so much easier as long as I can ever get my brain to think mainly in metric!

oh man i laughed so hard over this. not what he’s asking but the general statement “the planet has gone metric”
almost a troll post.

but i agree. i do all my designs in metric then convert to imperial (i’m in the US and i prefer metric over imperial… because dat base 10 tho) . well i switch in fusion before exporting the gcode.

sorry kinda off topic.

HA! awesome.

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+1 for the user level attribute.

I’m in the US, but I prefer metric as well. My first day setting up I set the z axis to move down 5mm, except that it reset to 5 inches. The spindle drove my bit into the waste board and snapped it :frowning:

I had this happen too up into my homing switch! 2in is much greater than 2mm, luckily I hit the power before anything broke!