Have some Wobbling/movement happening

Hello everyone!

I make a big mistake by raising the z Axis too high and it hit the top. I have some play now with the housing for the router. Please see video below. Before I start taking this apart, I was hoping for some feedback on how I should proceed.

Read the assembly manual about adjusting the V wheels.
Also look at getting clearance for the top of the router.
You should be able to use your Z homing switch with out crashing the yellow plastic into the motor plate.

so you think it just the V wheels? That doesn’t seem too bad. I could just kick myself for doing that! i’ll give it a go. Oh! That would also help with the vibration, correct? Thanks Mark!

and adjust the mechanical stop, near the limit switch, so it doesn’t happen again

I maybe mistaken but thought it was the yellow housing of the router that crashed. I don’t think the homing switch and mechanical stop can be set to avoid that. Orientation of router in mount should resolve that.
And in that photo the mechanical stop is not locked in place.

I’m pretty sure the yellow part of the router hit. I’m also pretty sure router is still locked in place. (after mothers day, I’ll check that too…)

The photo is taken from the Inventables instruction. I just used the photo as a reference.

Just making the awareness.

Anybody else having trouble with Easel? It’s freezing almost half way when it simulates tool paths. This is both on my PC and MAC computers. Is it just me? I’m loosing my free day this month with Easel Pro . :frowning:

Manny did you find a fix for this?? ive had the EXACT same problem with the wobble and cut wiggle for over a week now and im getting nowhere… ive tried stripping and rebuilding everything. Your the first ive seen with the issue

Let me know if you still need help

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ive PM’d you bud. any info would really help. thanks