Having tons of issues tonight,,HELP

Hello all and Merry Christmas!

Tonight I am trying to finish up a 4 hour carve which is a sign for a friend. It was 2 hours in and the machine stopped and appeared to lose contact with my WIN10 machine, also using chrome. It didn’t go back to it’s XY so I lost that and an expensive piece of red oak…(And tell me why I should spend 12K on the pro again?)

I digress… I was livid of course but cut another board after restarting everything. Was setting up easel to carve and most of my bits disappeared and I can’t add them back into my tool box, Also, it shows my 1/8 inch bits cutting width as 3 inches!! I never changed any of these settings and they all appeared after the cut crashed.

I am kinda stuck now because the lovely easel doesn’t want to cooperate with me at the moment… All computers and electronics were restarted, even restarted all of my network gear for good measure. Thank you .

You aren’t alone with the mysterious bit changes you’re the third person with the 3.00 in bit issue so far. Sorry I can’t help fix it but at least you know its not just you with the bit issue.

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The bit dimension issue seem to be an error on Inventables part which seem to be corrected.

Did you do a homing sequence prior to setting your work zero?
If so its maintained between power cycles, provided you re-home and specify “use previous work zero” instead of clicking “Confirm home position”.

Depending on the design, different techniques could be used to “cover up” previous carved elements to reduce the air time passing precarved areas.
One could also be able to delete parts of the gcode file itself, omitting pre-carved code but its not something I have done myself and will require some gcode proficiancy - or help from the community.