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Header and footer when importing gcode

As it will have it, there is a new window popping up when importing gcode into Easel from VCarve. It’s asking if you want to add or not to add the header and footer information.

I have no idea what that code means, and I have been searching everywhere to find information on it. When I did a new carve I selected not to add it. Subsequently, when I ran a dry carve with the bit removed after setting the z axis I could tell that it went way too deep. Good thing I removed the bit.

Then I went ahead and repeated the same, this time with the header and footer added. The dry carve went as expected. So now … every time I do a carve I add it to it. Still, I would like to know what that’s all about. I always thought that the VCarve gcode over-rides any settings in Easel. For me, this has done nothing but confused the crap out of me.

Thanks for educating me!

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