Heart pendant

My wife asked for a heart shaped pendant to be cut from wood on the x-carve. I was happy to oblige. :smile:

Padauk on maple, 1 1/4" diameter, very light rubbed-on walnut oil finish. Cut with a 1/32" bit. I really need to get a handle on the two stage cutting; this would go so much faster! Needs a bigger jump ring, I think.


Nice work!

Haha that’s quite funny! She must have liked it :stuck_out_tongue:

Bahaha! Nice one.

The contrast is amazing! Did you cut out the paduak by itself (and put on piece by piece) or was it laminated to the maple?

Good question. I laminated the wood together before carving, and then just made sure to carve deep enough around the heart to get through the top layer. These were both 1/8" layers, but I’m experimenting today with using veneer for the top layer, so there isn’t so much of the top layer to just mill away.

@TheodoreHoff ^^ the above response was to your question. :smile: