Hebrew carving with easle

is there a way, font or settings for carving in hebrew?

Certainly, design in Inkscape (or similar vector program) and import the svg into Easel. Easel Pro can utilise the v-bit for carving. Just one way, I’m sure you can find other ways.

You can add fonts with from this site www.freefonts.co.il or just pick up the words you want on google images.

I’m sure there are easier methods but I’ve had success with Lao/Thai writing.

After copying or translating my text on Google translate I paste it onto a document on Vectr. I’m not sure if Inkscape or Illustrator have the capability at least for Lao and Thai text.

I’ll make it quite large and export it as a JPG. Now I could save it as an SVG as well but then I would need to flatten/expand it to be able to use it in Ease. Instead I just export it as a JPG and just use a quick online converter to convert it to SVG. I upload it into Easel and it’s turned out pretty nice so far.

I like how the contrast came out. Nicely done.

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