Height changing after second cut

I am having an issue when i make multiple pieces or a 3d carve. on a simple cut Qty 4 4 in circles after the xcarve cuts the first circle when it lifts to cut the second circle it does not lift high enough to come out of the board to go to the second cut and then the second cut will be 2-3 times as deep as programmed. or when it starts to do the second cut the machine will raise almost to the top and be cutting in air. the machine works great on the first cut or on a 3d carve until the machine goes to lift to do a second position then it goes haywire. The carve is on the same cut no bit change it just lifted to go to the tooth path. and I as I have tried on simple cuts it does it on any of the multiple piece i have tried. what should i be checking?

This could be from a loose belt/pulley of the Z axis with that version Z axis this is kinda a common issue over time that the set screws holding the pulley to the lead screw loosen.

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