Hello! All the parts are laid out and ready for assembly :)

Hey everyone!

Quick introduction. My name is Randy. I’ve been reading through the forum for a few weeks while waiting for my X-Carve to arrive and it’s finally here! :heart_eyes: Instead of trying to find space for it to live, I should have been figuring out how to clear enough space to build it! OMG it’s like the ultimate DIY kit for adults. Inventables shipped it without the 24v spindle due to some possible redesigns in the works, but the new spindle should be here by next Tuesday. In the meantime, I hope to get it all together and tweaked, ready to carve.

I was wondering if anyone has tried carving with the x-carve in a vertical position? Seems if I attach it to the wall, rotating it 90 deg so that the X axis moves the gantry up/down the wall, then that’s the heaviest thing the X steppers have to move. The Y axis should have no problem going left/right against the wall. Any thoughts?

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. Y’all know I am :smile:

Hey Randy, welcome to the Club. I understand you have space problem, but like eating your meal hanging upside down to me. We have enough challenges carving horizantal, building strong stable tables to make Lady X as comfortable as possible. It won’t work, will cause problems.

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Thanks for the link, Angus! Was a good read. I like the idea of the constant tension spring and might have a go at it to see what happens.