Help - 3D partial Last Supper

I just bought the Last Supper model style C (File: LastSupper_58060_C.stl) from Design and Make. Imported into VCarve, set the rough and finish toolpaths. And even though in 2D view the whole 3D component is centered and selected. When I create the toolpaths I only get toolpaths for the left corner. See picture

My Dad got his churches old doors after a recent replacement. 100 year old Oak, which we cut the door into the orginal chunks. We are taking the bigger pieces and trying to carve the last supper in them to give to the church. The one side is rustic stain and worn, I cannot wait to see the carving in the wood. Murphy’s law always gets me everytime I try to do a project with my Dad, who taught me all my woodworking.

Although, from experience, I know it’s something I’m doing wrong in VCarve. Any pointers?

The 2D View

Post your 3D toolpath settings?

I’ve found that if I set the XY Datum to center I can get toolpaths. That only took me a hour or two… LOL.

I typically zero on the lower left corner.

Resolved - although I don’t know what the solution was.

After setting the XY Datum to center I was able to generate toolpaths which were centered on the workspace. Then I change the XY Datum to lower left corner and it functioned as it was suppose to. Dang that was a lot of time messing in Vcarve when I could have been carving… Lest I’m working with the component now.

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I believe you can just go redownload the V3M in your portal. I don’t think you’re locked to a specific type. In my portal, I have a drop down for which type to download.

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If you setup an account at Design and Make you can revisit and download any of the three file formats. I did get the v3m on my revisit. I couldn’t get the stl to do anything.

Now that I think of it. The free projects from D&M never gave me a problem. Maybe I should stick to free… LOL

@PhilJohnson I know, finding the time to watch more of the videos will help my CNC’ing. I’d like 26-hours in a day. I did start taking notes during the videos, they have many short cuts in the tutorials. Carve away

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Glad you got this resolved quickly. And dont forget to post the outcome.

Will do - Running the test cut on pine this afternoon. So far so good.
Think I have a new CNC fan.
My Dad hasn’t left the CNC for over an hour. Avid carver now LOL