Help bring a 2015 X-Carve 1000mm back to life!

Good afternoon X-Carve community! Need a bit of help!

I bought an X-Carve YEARS ago, successfully set it up (it worked on the first try!!), cut a few things and realized I needed better dust collection because it was in my spare bedroom. Well, life got hectic and the xcarve got put in storage where it lived for many years. It is still in perfect condition, just a bit of dust and a tiny bit of surface rust on a few pieces of hardware from living in my unconditioned shipping container. I finally got my shop built and I am wanting to utilize the X-Carve again.

I got it all set up, went over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is tight and adjusted. Went to plug it in and the Carve light WIL NOT TURN GREEN! Now, I admit that it might be a bit naive to think that I can just stroll up and plug a 2020 Macbook Air into this machine and hit the ground running. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? I can tell the machine is recognizing my computer because it makes a soft humming sound when I plug it in. I have installed ALL of the legacy drivers to see if that helps, NOPE! I am using a UBS-C to USB-B adapter in the process, not sure if that is an issue.

I plan on getting an X-Controller but before I put out that money I want to make sure everything works and I can get my shop dialed in around this machine.

I love a good forum and it seems like this one is great. So please Inventables mind trust help me get this ol’ gal running!