HELP! Can't cut a circle.....way way offf... :(

Any thoughts on why cutting circles or just the accuracy in general is so far off…I cant even use the machine like this…

how do your belts look are they tight?

I think they are…take a look

as a rule how tight should they be… my side rail belts are firmer to lift that the top rail.


yeah they look tight enough

you should shoot a video of it cutting so we can watch and listen

ill do it right now… just a simple circle

No way to know if your belts are correct from the picture. You need to use the search function on the site to read on the proper way to tension belts. It’s well documented.

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here is a short video of the machine running

you video didnt upload

I would try to upload it to youtube and then post it here

I had similar results cutting teeth for small cogs recently. My problem turned out to be a loose x-axis motor cog. It slipped left and right slightly as it cut, making the path wrong but consistent. It looked like a loose belt problem.

I saw at least one wheel just sliding. So start with tightening those.

Search for belt tension, Vwheel tightness, steps/mm calibration.

You need all three.

While not scientific at all, that belt looks extremely loose if you can pick it up like that.

And make sure drive pulleys are secure. Blue Locktite is your friend.

awwww :frowning:

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