Help choosing the right software

Ok I have been trying to sift through all of the forum posts on this but I just don’t have the time so find everything I am looking for so sorry if this a repeat of another post. I have had my x carve for about 3 months and have notice some areas where having an alternative program to design in would be helpful. After comparing both fusion 360 and Vcarve I can see the advantage of using Vcarve with setting tool paths with specific tools…ect. First question: are people just saving the gcode and then importing it to easle? I have seen some people talk about a UGS?..not sure which and what’s better? Also one other question. I have been using a 90 degree V bit to experiment with signs. Do you have to use easle pro just to be able to use that bit? If so is there any other software that can be used instead so I don’t have to either limit the number of days I experiment with that bit or have to buy days just for fun? Thank you for your Help!

Noob Nubs signing out.

I use bCNC to control my machine. Better then UGS

You’re looking for F-Engrave.

There should be a good overview of software here:

I’d be glad of any additions, comments, or corrections.