Help... CNC newbies linear Z destroyed?

I finally got my machine running it’s first carve today and the CNC newbies Linear Z lost steps started cutting too deep and like a dumbass instead of hitting the main power I hit cancel carve at which point it tried to go home and dragged the bit through solid wood until all hell broke lose and I was able to kill the power. X and Y seem to move ok and a couple V wheels are lose but otherwise seems to be no damage I can see there. The Z however sounds like it’s dragging metal on metal as it goes up and down and I cannot see anything visibly wrong. Is it salvageable?

I’m with Bill. Take it off and disassemble it, inspect everything closely.

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I agree as well. I would suspect something went wrong prior to dragging the bit.
The Z should not loose steps if spindle is carving. Unless your settings were VERY VERY AGGRESSIVE.

It was a V carving so a lot of up and down. I ran it the same settings I was running my machine at before upgrades to see how it handled before cranking things up. I removed it and disconnected the nut the rails slide freely so it is a problem in the lead screw or nut. I am waiting to hear back from CNC4newbies on replacement parts. Still don’t know how it lost steps to the point of cutting through 3/4 with a flat depth setting of 1/2. Can a problem in the screw or nut cause that or do I have a problem somewhere else to find as well?

Based on the info given, I am going to say the screw/nut developed an issue that lead to lost steps.

That was my first carving with the new Z aside from skimming the waste board which didn’t require z moving much at all.

Every Allen screw in my new linear z was loose upon delivery I had to disassemble and blue loctite every screw.

Hope you recalibrate your entire Z axis settings when you change the slide, step/mm, accel,…
Ask them, they seem to have all parts in stock.

Yes it was all calibrated and measured and moving properly

do you have send them an email?

So far I’m not very impressed by the communication from CNC4NEWBIES. Only way to contact is email and emailed Sunday still no response on what to try where to go from here. Every day is lost potential income since I have jobs backed up that I cannot carve till I am back up and running. I am starting to contemplate looking at competitor products as a potential solution but I have already adjusted my suckit mount for this slide.

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Joe reached out to me after seeing my post and had not received my msg from the website email somehow which is why it took so long for a response. I explained the situation and he is going to send me out a rebuild kit to get me back up and running. As others were saying he is a great guy and stands behind his product!

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The kit included:

-new nut design assembly

-new lead screw

-flanges bearings


-some fasteners

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