Help Creating a Beveled Edge

I worked on this project last year a bit and it is on table. This is a paddle boat. I need to create a 45 degree bevel along the entire outside edge. This is view from the back

and this is what the entire boat looks like;

Anyone who has idea how to do this I would appreciate the help!

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Use a 90 degree bit and cut on path. You might need to use a shape for the outside of the boat to keep the bevel from happening on the inside “U” portion of the boat.

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The angle in your photo looks more like a 60, thus needing a 120⁰ vbit, but in think Harrys method would be the easiest.

Set the boat design to “on the path” cut type using the desired angle vbit

You can place a rectangle set to pocket cut type and 0 depth to cover the area you dont want to vbit carve.
Like this (my red part would be a 0 depth rectangle and just barely inside the corners)

Great info but a little more complex I think I would like the bevel to be about .5" so I am assuming multiple passes with graduated cut depth moving deeper as it approaches the edge. The angle is supposed to be 45 and I think the drawing is a little skewed. Thanks guys!


If you’re just wantinga 45 deg beveled edge all the way around, if I’m understanding correctly, i would just cut the shape on the cnc and then run it through the router table with a 45" bit

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