Help cutting g10

So this is basically a distress call. I just wasted 30 dollars worth of g10 in the last 3 hours. Not something im happy about. Im making my first drone frames. And there good and ready for prime time. Ive tested it on wood. Ive got a flying g10 prototype. Its all ready to go. Ive spent months on this.

Well. Its been working great till now and i dont know whats wrong.

Im using a 1.4mm diamond cut flute at setting 4 on the Dewalt 611. Im cutting 3mm g10 with 2 passes, deapth per cut 1.5mm at 430mm per second. Aka pretty slow. Because anyfaster and it was warping the cut during the pocket cuts. Its not over heating, but Its not clearing materials ether. My shop vac cant remove it. I have to scrap it out ofter a cut and yeh. Its thick sh*t.

I dont know what to do with it. The pocket cuts are fine. But the final cut is jamming and getting of track. The bit is still pretty sharp. No signs of burns. This hasnt happened before. The first cut whent great. Im at a loss.

I have a picture. But ill upload it tomorrow. My phone wont do it

I blow air into the pocket with a big aquarium pump (1750 gph) and a lock-line hose and nozzle. The chips are blasted out of the slot so that the dust shoe can suck them away.

Also, you could cut test parts in some material that is similar to G10 but less expensive, like GX. That would help you dial in the cutting parameters with less material cost.

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well. i don’t beleave i can afford a $200 pump right now if i was looking at the right one. i think ill give a upcut bit a try. maybe it will work a bit better for me. it just wont last as long.

i also did notice that dispite my bit being sharp around the shaft. the tip was completely dulled round and the fishtails broke off. and may have been dragging. so i think ill test it on a small ruined portion. and follow it up with a new fresh bit to see if that was my problem

this machine needs to profit before i spend any more money on it. as great as it is and has been performing. my buget is blown.

also whats better for g10 with a diamond flute. medium - high - or super high rpms.
because im kinda between medium and high right now.

forgot to play with it in g10. but 4 was the sweet spot for wood

side note. now that i broke one of the failed cutes loose. i can see that it didnt cut nearly all the way through. it probably was dragging

also. this is what i got last night. you can see on the top arm where it jamed and kept going. 2 different times

I used to cut G10 at a previous job, and we always used Burr type bits. I have a few at home, I’ll take a photo and upload it, when I get home.
Anything else ( regular end mills) would dull halfway through the cut. Have to keep the chips/dust out of the cutters path, too.

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Well. The diamond flutes qre burr type bits. And ive almost cut an entire 2x2foot peice of g10 now. And the burrs are still sharp.
However. Apon further inspection this morning. I did notice the tip is dull beyond belief. One of the fishtails was broke off and the other half gone. So the bottom of the cuts are not complete. I believe it was dragging the bit. I had to break it out of the mold and it ripped an arm off.

I cut some test cuts with a fresh bit and got a perfect circle and square. No deformions.

I am looking into repurposing dads big air compressor as a temporary means of removing the crap. My problem is that untill i can move the cnc into the shed and ventilate the shed. Im trying to keep the dust out of the air. And blasting it out is messy.

Jesus g10 is pretty hardcore for prototypeing on month 2.

make sure you wear a respirator and have dust collection sucking up the dust.

4yes definitely. I have eye protection and a respirator, as well as 2 box fans sucking air out the window. And a shopvac and dust shoe getting the worst of it through a particel filter. As well as a dust sheild surrounding the cnc to keep in the chunks.

I also plan to get a proper respirator. As well as move the whole setup to the shed soon with better ventilation.

If i missed anything please tell me because i value my lungs

On a side note I saw someone was cutting carbon fiber in a water bath to contain the dust. It was just a simple Rubbermaid container. I am not sure how they handled securing the work piece, 2 sided tape maybe?
It might help for your application for dust management, but It would do nothing for chip clearing though.

Im flurting with a magnetic clamp system. My 1inch neodymium cubes have 100pounds of pulling force and my current tests show irs pretty stout and capable of holding stuff down so that i can just about not move it. With just one clamp. But for 2x2 foot sheet. Tupperware and rubber made may not do.

Maybe try a shallower DOC. I’m not familiar with the burr type bits but the usual rule of thumb is no deeper than 1/2 the bit diameter per pass. The deep narrow cut is probably trapping the swarf.

I use an air pump like this. Cost was about $70.

Well last nights recuts when great. I have 2 new frames in there testing stages.

I put in a new bit and increased the rpms. The dust is no longer super thick. And the cuts are cleaner and more accurate.

I put fault of this to a damaged/worn out bit and inexperience.

But i did pull in alot of great tips and solve alot of problems. Im going to look closely at the pump when i relocate my machine again.

Ill keep experimenting with feeds and speeds to but ill inspect the bits better from now on

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