Help finding Acrylic

Hello all,

Last year before I got into CNC stuff I had a local company make a new instrument panel for my boat that they did with a laser machine. Now that I have the X Carve I’ve been making cool panels, shelves and brackets for various things on the boat and it’s been awesome… I’d like to make another panel to match my instrument panel but can’t seem to find the exact Acrylic anywhere and could use some help…

I’ve included images of a sample piece they gave me when I had this done, but they won’t tell me where they get their materials. It appears to be a reverse laserable Acrylic similar to what inventables sells, however what I need is 1/4 inch+/- and inventables only has 1/8. I’ve only been able to find bulk suppliers and not anyone that would sell to me. I’d like to get the exact brand if possible so the colors match perfectly. I’ve also included a link below to what inventables offers… Any help would be greatly appreciated…

JPPlus and Tap plastics are two vendors that come to mind. Not sure if they have what you need, but worth taking a look.

Thank you for the help… JP seems to have a ton of nice stuff, still can’t seem to find exactly what I need… Although it may just take ordering a few different types to find exactly what I need.

Was it acrylic that you were using? I have done a lot of boat panels over the years using a plastic for engraving. It it 1/16" or 1/8" and has a thin layer on the top so when you cut it the other color shows through.

Not sure if they have your color, but I use E Street Plastics for all my acrylics:

And they have 1/4":