Help - How to carve a board like this?

Hi, I like to carve a board like this and I need some help.

What is the best or most effective way to do so? Is it maybe possible to carve along a thin line (path) with the following bit? But then, easel will complain that the router bit is to wide. Sure, I could ignore this by tell easel to use a 1/32 bit for example and then carve however with my bit. But I guess and/or hope there is a better way.

Oh, one more thing. It needs to be a specific font :man_facepalming:. So I need to design it in photoshop or affinity designer or what ever.

I am grateful for every suggestion.

kind regards, Markus

I don’t use easel so I don’t know what problems you would have.
But that is certainly the bit that I would use.
Work your way down until you get the depth you want then take a clean up pass to get any leftover fuzzies.

A core box bit and a single line font should do it. I don’t use Easel but have used Cambam in Engrave mode to do similar things on a smaller scale.

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I have a single line font that I imported into Easel and with the box core bit it should work good. Just run cut on path.


your inital idea is actually the easiest way to do it.
Use a line font. Trace that using a bowl bit.
Done. :wink:

Thanks :pray:t2: will try this asap.

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Thanks for all your help. I never ever heard before or thing about a “single stroke font” :smile: there are so many wordings out there for that kind of font :man_facepalming: . I found some too… but as I said, I need a specific one. I tried it with the “centerline tracing” feature in inkscape, but unfortunately I have zero skills in vector/paths and whatever. I guess I have to figure out how to clean up those paths.

Thanks again, kind regards

oh I forgot… all the “single-line” fonts I found on the internet, they all look (more or less) like the following one :disappointed_relieved:


The file that I posted was a single line font. What specific font are you looking for?
I have more than one.
You’re probably not going to find any single line fonts on the internet.

The file you posted is awesome. I already carved it for testing. It helped me a lot to understand the difference.

The font I need can be found here.

Have a nice day

Try this one


This is incredible! Will try it asap. Thanks. :heart_eyes:

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