Help Identify this X-carve controller

Can someone please help me identify this controller?

Welcome @BruceGleghorn!!

This is the X-Controller supplied for the X-Carve from Inventables who’s forum you are on. The controller itself identifies as a GRBL based CNC controller. Its hobbies are sitting next to an X-Carve and driving stepper motors around. :grin: :joy:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little humor…

Here is the link to the controller itself.

Merry Christmas!


Brandon R. Parker

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Sorry if I’m dense but my original question is the version (or model) of the controller picture that I sent. I note that it does not have a red button, which to me implies something older. Make sense?

The XController you posted does have a red button, look closer at the photo.

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Wow - good eyes! So this is the current version?

There may have been minor PCB updates, but, as far as I know, there’s just one X-controller.
Maybe ask the question you’re trying to answer by asking this question…

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You have fully answered it. Because I didn’t spot the red button (thanks for pointing it out), I was thinking it might be a really old machine. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your patience.


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