Help in producing relief

I’m hoping someone out here is able to take the attached jpg and produce a relief file in the latest Vcarve or similar program. I need a depth of between 4 - 5mm. I want to carve some fence posts with the pattern.I’d like to be able to import the file into easel. I would really appreciate a hand with this.

I can take a crack at it when I get home.
in about 2 hours from this post.

Thanks Stephen. I really appreciate it. (Just saw your message as I got up here in Australia)

Here is what I did with the file you sent.
It takes a lot of work to get all the details but I was not sure the size and other info you were trying to capture.
If you want it in 3d that would require me to make 3d geometry and sculpt details. Lots of work and time.
If you want a more 3d effect then it will take me more time to create. I would do it just as an exercise but you will have to wait for it as I do not have hours and hours every day to work on it.
This may not be exactly what you want but its a start.
Let me know if this will import to Easel for you.

I just opened the file in Easel and it looks terrific. I’ll try it using a couple of different bits and depths to see how she goes.
Thanks again for your valuable time.

You can try this as well

post pics of the results so we can see.
I did some lookup on the plant and I found enough reference to make a 3d relief rather than 2d vectors.

Zbrushcentral is a bloging site for Zbrush artists.
Zbrush is what I have and use for creating 3d.

Cura is for 3d printing and it does slicing and running the sliced up model on your 3d printer. is a site that is for 3d printing as well.

openscad is a cad like application that is opensource and free.

Bmp2iges is for lithopanes and works great for images. Iithopanes are not like relief carvings.

For true relief carving creation you need a 3d application to generate the geometry.
Clipart style pictures will not work very well as they are black outlines and do not have any depth information.
Once you have the geometry you can use V-carve and tools like Zbrush to generate the image with the depth information.
However you need a tool like V-carve that can take the model or depth information and generate paths to carve it.

Another tool that many here are using is Autodesk fusion 360.
It an create the geometry and the paths for your x-carve.
There are a few here who can help you with it.

Thanks to all. I really have to settle down and confine myself to the garage and figure all of this out. I have been doing the standard carving for many months now and am pretty happy with the results. I am just now finding the guts to do some 3d stuff and all the advice is great as it usually is on this forum. I’ll post pics when I run them. Thanks again

These are close. Not sure if you wanted the specific plant.

These can be purchased in the Vectric proprietary format OR as a STL file useable with any 3D program.
(If you have a copy of VCarve already you can only have one STL object per project so you need the proprietary version to build up a larger patter from different parts)

The plant is called Gumnuts

Sorry for not thanking all again or showing efforts of your contributions on my machine …been missing in action for awhile and will be getting back tothe machine shortly. Thanks again for all your work and great suggestions.