Help installing new steppers wiring

i got the 269oz steppers from automation and says
BLK to A+
GRN to A-
Red to B+
Blue to B-

On controller dosnt say anything + or - and original wiring is red , white , green black

Which wires goes to which help please

Black, green, red, blue.
Test it. If stepper moves wrong direction, swap red and blue.

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Thanks , ever have issue with motor shaft too short but on these upgrades how do you correct that, the 269oz motors have a lot of shaft on each side sticking out but is about 1/4" too short to line pulley

@StevenNigri Do you have a picture showing the issue?
Can you flip the pulley around?

flipping pulley dose nothing its no different thanks.

What pulley are you using?

stock pullies