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Help making a fretboard template in easel?

Cant seem to work out how to make a fretboard template in easel. Ive tried using 4 boxes as the outlines for the fretboard. Doing it this way allows me to get the right dimensions but i cant combine them into one large box that will

Here is that file if you like to look at it.

Ive also tried using 4 pen lines. But again i cant connect them to make one big box. Though it does let me cut the correct shape. Its just id like to bee able to combine them.

Is there another way to do it? or is there a tutorial that might help me?

Thanks in advance!

Your linked files can’t be seen publically. Do you have cad? If so I go though the whole neck modeling process here and maybe you can adapt it for your fretboard. I use Rhino, but the steps probably can be used in most programs.

Thanks man ill take a look at that.

And here’s another try at sharing those links. I’d still really like to work out how to make a trapezoid/fretboard shape in easel.

Fretboard using Boxes
Fretboard using Pen

I don’t know how to make an app but a fretboard app within Easel would be great.

What scale length are you looking to use I can send you a file…

Or check out

You can save as an svg and import into easel