Help needed please

Hi guys,

Please help!

I’ve almost got to trying my first carve on my newly built carve.

However, I’ve built it now, setting it all up and got to the stage where I am connecting it to my pc.

I’ve got to the stage where I’m making sure all my axis are in the right direction, which they are. The final bit is where my problem is.

I’ve tried all axis, and they work fine, but… when it comes to the final stage and it checks the limit switches, it does the z and x, but the y doesn’t move? But it moves when I test the arrow direction section??

Help me please…


Check your Y homing switch to make sure that you connected the normally open (NO) contact and that the wires are connected on both ends (one to the switch, the other to the X-controller).

If you have a multi-meter and know how to use it, check continuity on the switch and wiring.

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If it stops after going through the z, then x axis, it could be the x limit switch ? Just a thought

X and Y are done at the same time. So it’s either a GRBL configuration issue with a max feed rate (somebody else just had that) or a short in the wiring for the Y axis which would immediately make the homing routine think it’s hit the switch.

Thanks for the feedback guys, will check it out in a bit.

Ive also had a bent arm on the switch that was rubbing on the metal frame and keeping the switch from activating during the homing.