Help needed, Very poor Easel Pro results

I have made about 5-8 Easel Pro V Carves at this point all with very poor results. Can you all offer me any advice or tips?

Here is a picture of a recent V carve fail. I used a 60 degree Bit I bought from inventables.

I threw this piece away and re carved with a 1/16" down cut and had much better results.

this bums me out a ton as I was very excited about Easel introducing V carve capabilities

Did you set your stepover to 1% under the advanced menu?

no, I have never changed any advanced settings.

Change the v-bit step over and practice on some scrap wood. By the looks of it, your feed rate might be a bit slow too.

I just went to the advanced menu, do I change the “step over” or the “V-bit Flat Area Step Over”

Sorry for so many questions

Step Over is for regular bits, how much each pass bites in (% of bit width, if I’m correct).

V-Bit Flat Area Step Over is what I was referring to. To compensate if your v-bit has a flat tip.

Thanks! That’s a good clarification!

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That´s a good point…or tip?? :wink:

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…I wasn’t going to be that guy.

If it is dull it was shipped that way. I have used it 5 times and the first carve was just as bad.

So is there anything I can do? sorry if it was answered above and I didn’t catch it. It does not have a flat tip.

Drop your step over to 1%, make sure you have a sharp bit.

Also feel free to contact Inventables Customer Success team for some additional help 312-775-7009.

@Zach_Kaplan Why don’t you have Easel default to a 1% stepover as described above when the user selects a vbit to carve with? Keeping the same settings for every bit produces horrible results, for those not aware, and ends up costing/wasting material.

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That’s a GREAT IDEA!!!

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