Help needed wiring to new 500w brushless spindle

850w router and 1200w dust extraction means a lot of noise in my single garage and I hate ear defenders. I have just bought a 500w Chinese brushless spindle and I can’t believe how quiet it is. I’m running it with the simple speed controller and on/off switch that came with it, but I would like to control it through software maybe Estlcam or similar as I don’t think Easel has that facility yet. I have attached a photo of the driver, I can cope with the connections on the left but connections on the right are beyond me. In addition to the terminals there are 2 dip switches on the right hand side of the body. Finally I am running the spindle from my 24v stepper supply, as it is capable of being run using 48v should I buy and use a separate supply. All contributions gratefully received.

B.F Thank you for the wiring layout which includes the extra Hall wiring. The spindle that I have only has 3 wires which connect to the U V W . The existing speed control wiring seems to have no relation to the diagram on the Banggood site. If I can’t identify the connections to the Arduino I will make do with the manual control at the moment.

I have just bought same setup of amazon, no diagram for hall wiring,and all i get is motor on or off then speed control actually does not do much, either slow start to full revs, then soon as you turn it motor goes off and does not slow.
Any help