Help New to x-carve

Hi, my name is Andree. I just got a x-carve 1000mm from friend that doesn’t have to use it anymore. I have set everything up and went to do a test cut and the x-carve went to home and then started doing the test in a different spot then the wood. is there a way to set the home to be on the wood. not sure what I may be doing wrong.

Did you set zero in the front left corner?

Yes I figured it out. when you do the set up I had things backwards. If I could ask you a second question. I would like to know if the starter kit bits are good get to get. I have a business that I started. I make wooden flags and want to make sure that I get the right bits. Do you have any suggestion. Thanks for helping

There are many ways to skin a cat, for general wood working I will suggest:

1/8" straight bit
1/4" straight bit
1/4" downcut bit
1/4" ball bit
3/4" straight bit

30-60-90degree V-bits

Will be beough to get you a long way

Thank you for you help. I have been seeing alot of things you can make with the x-carve and can’t wait to start. Sorry to bug but how long have you had yours.

I have never had an Xcarve, I buildt my own and it operates just like the Xcarve.

As far as projects and tool goes I advide you to search on youtube, often there are bit details to be found there :slight_smile:

Oh cool. I have been looking on youtube for ideas and to help understand the bits and what they can do. thanks for the help.

This may help…