Help Please Not carving what I see in Easel

Hi I am new here but I seem to be having easel issues. What I see on the screen does not match what the machine carves. It has duplicated movements so I know is pretty accurate but I do not know what I am doing wrong.IMG_5745

Did the preview show everything being cut? Looks like you maxed out your x-axis, crashed and lost steps.

Hi Neil,
It did not. It looked just like the screen

Without seeing the file, I’d guess the detail you’re missing is because of the bit size. The overlapping cuts looks like lost steps. There could be a few reasons for that, but, like I said, your design might be too wide for the machine.

Currently I was just cutting the Perimeter its the overlap I am worried about

I wouldn’t worry if all that happened was the design is too big for the machine. As cool as these machines are, they are not intelligent. If you told it to go 775mm, and it maxes out at 750, the steppers will skip. Your machine “thinks” it’s at 775mm even though it’s an inch short.

It is a 1000 machine, is it possible I am set up wrong?

The 1000mm machine has an actual work area of 800mm. How wide is your design?

The board itself if 31 1/2 the design as drawn is a tad over 30"

You’re pushing it close. You’d have to start the carve as far left as it possibly can theoretically go. Anyway, based on what I see, I think that’s what happened. Run it (air test) again and see if it crashes.

I you have homing switches on your machine and also have it set up correctly you can enable GRBL’s Soft Limits using $20; just set to to 1 to Enable them. GRBL should activate a feed hold and alarm if you are hitting a soft limit…

Just check it out about half way down the page below; fairly simple and easy to use.



Thanks Neil.
Just been a tough learning curve. I have 4 to cut I guess 1 at a time.

Not a bad way to do it. When something goes wrong, only one piece is ruined.
Good luck!

I have cut between 30 and 31 inches. I moved my carriage as far left as I could and set the corner of my piece where the bit was. It’s really stretching it.

This was 30", so the board that the profile was cut out of was about 31" I think.