Help please with my cnc machine

Please someone Help me. I killing myself with this Bobs cnc 4. Everytime i do a Design from Etssy that i bought i Does not follow the path or it does Multiple cuts so instead of cutting one project it cut like 3 or 4 of the same thing. Please. What can i do ?

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can you share the file? it just most likely just needs to be cleaned up.

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Where did you get the file from? Is this a .SVG /DXF design or Gcode (never run gcode somebody else made) Can you post the link to the Etsy Listing since you probably don’t want to post the actual file (terms of sale and whatnot)

And What are the cut settings? (Depth Per Pass, Bit Size, Feed Rate)

Have you had successful carves in the past with other designs?


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