Help removing my model from a chunk of wood

As you can see by the picture, I have a solid that I want to remove from my base/block material. The base/block material has no fixed size/boundary.

What settings do I need to use so that it removes the 3d solid shown in the picture?

(Or do I need to modify my 3D model?)

use center of block as XY 0. then set Z normal to the top of the block

how would you set center as XY 0 within the 3d carving portion of Easel?

actually you’d have to set zero with the machine. I run a 1F that if I move to the center of the block and set xy0 it shows me an absolute position. If you write those numbers down then any time you need to re -0 just move your machine to the numbers and set 0. As for setting Z you still need to keep a piece that matches the original height of the block you started with, as you mentioned.
I just watched your video on he new 3d carving. you mentioned that you could set the step over. Which you questioned in one of me previous posts. Is this option only available in 3d ? Or has Easel been updated to allow all tools to be set individually?

How do you set easel to use 0,0 as center when doing a 3d carve?
You set your 1f to use center, yes, but your toolpaths much also match. If youre using easel to generate these toolpaths how are you assigning center as 0,0 when ceating the toolpath?

I havent made a video on 3d carving, but the stepover is asigned withing the area i said to set it in that other thread. It is not assinged as a per bit setting but as a per project setting as a percentage.