Help shuts off

My controler box keeps shutting down when I try to run the x carve. Inventables told me to replace the pcb power supply and control interface. So i ordered one, but it is different, my original one had a little jumper on ot and the part in installed doesnt. either way the box keeps shutting off. Ive seen people use a powered usb hub. How do i go about and do that? I have no idea what im doin… any info would help.

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A powered usb hub is a hub with its own power supply that plugs into a wall outlet to increase the 5v that is normally supplied from the computer over the usb cable and is necessary to power the arduino coms chip in the cnc controller.

This will perform an entirely different function than what they had you buy.

When the carve fails, does it return to the origin position and have the normal “carve compete” screen?
If so this is likelya usb communication or usb power issue.

If not then it could be the cnc power supply, or even static discharge issue common with shop vacs that aren’t grounded…

If it sounds like the usb end, try this first. How to Disable USB Selective Suspend and stop your CNC carves from fai – His N Hers Handcrafted
Then either a sorter udb cable (& if using a laptop keep it plugged in) and or the powered usb hub.

Something else to Consider is whether you’re plugged into a afci or gfci outlet or curcuit which is not recommended.
Then there’s also the possibility of overloading the breaker altogether if you’ve got other items connected and drawing power or if it’s only a 10a circuit…

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