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Help! sometimes machine wont respond after homing,Bobs E4 makita

Sometimes it will be fine until i go to set the x,y or z for a carve and just freeze its. its so frustrating to keep setting up the machine and hope it works, this will be my 4th time setting up the machine, it was working just fine a few minutes ago, but i had the board im carving in the wrong position…

Thanks for the post having same concern

Freezes how, during what stage?
If the machine freeze during homing it is most likely not hitting the switch, or the switch isnt connected properly/not functioning, or machine exceed seek distance limit.

More info would be very nice :slight_smile:

It would be jogging just fine then all the sudden wont respond anymore. Sometimes I’d get through setting up the machine and close that part and then it would do anything. Sometimes it would only jog one movement while setting up a carve Sometimes it would only do x and/or y…

Whenever I have problems with homing or it starts acting weird, I clear the Cache. It seems to work.

I am having same issue…how do you clear the cache?

Bobs CNC has a you tube video on Clearing the Cache. Its easy to understand and it helps A LOT!

Thanks, appreciate the response.

Hope it helps