Help to draw a part for a box handle

I am looking for some guidance as to how to get these small parts for a handle into easel, I have the easel pro trial for 1 month but Im struggling with understanding how to draw shapes that are not already in the library.

Heres the drawing for the 2 parts of the handle, as you can see they fit together, I thought of using the inlay feature to make them fit together, any other ideas greatly appreciated.

Where did you get these drawings? (i.e. what format are they in?) If you can translate them into SVG or DXF you can use that to import these shapes.

Hi Henry . they are just on a PDF from a Wood Magazine download.

In terms of work flow, Easel and Easel Pro = same.

As to how, Henry´s pointers are valid.
Drawing shapes like these are not Easel´s forté :frowning:

I use Adobe Illustrator to draw stuff like this. Then save as .svg. If you can find someone with the program they can convert it into the proper format in a few seconds as Illustrator is quite expensive.

@LeonardJDuarte is spot on here, whic is why I was asking. So illustrator will happily open a pdf as if it is an illustrator file. Just delete all the random crap (like the dimension graphics). Now one challenge on things like this was it was designed for print, as they often have “white filled” empty space parts etc, but all the paths should be there. You should check that the paths are truly closed (postscript let’s you “fill” an open path so print designers often leave paths open as printers don’t care.

if you post the PDF we can take a look for you…

You could also just roll your own as a single object. It may not be 100% exact in my example, but it looks fairly close.


Brandon Parker

THanks Brandon, I can see how you did it with many points to create the curve, I had tried this method but with just a few points and I could not get the curve to look rightMy hope was to make the 2 components from contrasting wood so i had thought to use the inlay app to achieve that.
I spoke to a friend and he tells me Inkscape ( free vector drawing software ) is more than capable of this type of dwg. I have downloaded the programme and trying some online tutorials. I will cut out a couple of handles to your drawing this morning. Cheers Bob

Have you triad an on line converter to get you r file into an SVG

I use Convertio

I did try that Steve but I need to exclude all the extraneous stuff from the drawing first like measurements etc otherwise it just came back as a blob. However I have today found inkscape which is free and very comprehensive, I also found Udemy which has an online crash course in Inkscape. It is fantastic and in a few hours I am drawing shapes which I can save in SVG format. The course cost $A14.95. Great value


Another good recourse for Inkscape is Logos by Nick, he has a ton of free ones and also a course you can pay for as well. I have been watching them and using to learn the tools from there.

I did not create the object manually. I created a rectangle and altered the points on it. I then created a circle and altered the points on it. I joined the two and then added another circle at depth zero (altered of course) to create the hole in the handle. Combining objects and altering their associated points is one of the easiest methods for making abstract objects in Easel.


Brandon Parker

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I’ve made complex shapes by using the photo
Import feature. So save your pdf as a jpg, you could just use a screen print feature on a phone for this, then import it. Apologies if I’ve over simplified your issue, but sounded similar to a challenge I had about a month ago.

Hello everyone by the way - first time I’ve posted! :joy::grimacing::grin:

THanks Tim, I will give that a try, however I have progressed with Inkscape free software and a very reasonably priced course on Inkscape via a site called Udemy. The course cost $A14 and its very informative.

Cheers Bob