Help turning logo into cut file

Hello. I cannot seem to be able to turn this mg electric logo into a cut file. A friend of mine wants me to make him a sign for his office for Christmas. Any suggestions of help? Here’s the website link with logo.

And a few of my recent projects below!

Thanks for the help.

Just to clarify this is a screenshot from the website of the logo at the top Im trying to make.

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I used this pic and got all the way to the end and realized it wasn’t free lol


I’ve downloaded the trial version. And run through a photo then screen captured the clip art looking results and then ran that screen shot (croped to size) through inkscape image trace and was able to use thst without paying… its not as perfect as the paid version. But it worked for me :man_shrugging:

Any options other than that? Anything in easel pro?

Try this one I don’t think there is a charge.

fiverr and pay someone to convert it . . . the gradient on the words tends to mess with the automatic conversion software like the one Michael linked to. and Even in Inkscape where there are a lot more options for the conversion, the gradient still messes with it a lot… If you don’t want to pay someone to re-draw it for you, probably the best conversion method short of vector magic is the Image Trace function in Inkscape BUT there are a lot of options and settings to play with before you’ll get anything near usable because of all of the fading from white to dark grey…

Can I pay you?

I need to make the sign this week. All those free versions turn it into a terrible file so far.


Do You think the SVG directly off their website will work? Sorry I hadn’t checked until just now, but always check the source :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the Easel File, 3rd workpiece is the SVG imported without modifications:

I’d take a look at this guy on Fiverr:

I’ve used him over 60 times and he does great work. Just mention that you need a straight black and white vector for use with a CNC.

I will convert it for you!

send me the file to

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