Help Upgrading 750mm to 1000mm

Hello there!

I have a 750mm x 750mm X-Carve and I’m looking to upgrade it’s size to 1000mm x 1000mm.
I emailed Inventables, but their answer did not seem satisfactory. Even though they said they don’t sell ready make kits and provided me with a list of things I need to buy in order to upgrade the size, their list of items either have links that do not work, seems to be missing some important parts, like the 20x40 extrusion and also included everything for a full 1000mm assemble not takin into account that I already have a 750mm machine, so all the screws, nuts, etc came in the list.

so I was wondering if anyone with more knowledge on the build, would be kind enough to help me figure out exactly what I need to buy in order to upgrade the size.

This list is of the things I think I need to buy:

5 - Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - 1000mm (3 of them I would have to cut down to 958mm)
2 - MakerSlide 1000mm
1 - Extra Wide MakerSlide 1000mm
1 - 4m GT2 Belting - Open Ended

For the drag chain, I already have 2 for the 750mm and it’s pretty expensive here as the 1000mm kit is $59 and $46 for the 500mm kit. Do you know if I can buy extra links somewhere else as I just need 500mm total to complete or do I need to buy these?

I think I will also need some more wiring for the homing switches and the stepper motors. Inventables has the homing kit but it include the switches and is $25 bucks, I can just buy some 24AWG extra cable at my home depot and use that as it’s way cheaper.
I could do the same for the stepper motor, but if there is a cheap ready available version somewhere with the connectors, that would be nice.

Now the screws, nuts, brackets… can I just use the ones I have, or do I have to buy more?

Am I missing something?

Thank you so much!

I upgraded a shapeoko2 to current x carve specs. I ordered a 750 wide makerslide extrusion for the x axis. I also needed the new carriage. I previously had 1000mm long makerslide extrusion, so my current rig is 750 x 1000. You’ll need to replace whatever gets longer. I ordered the 1000 mm wiring for both axes since they didn’t have a hybrid. I got a longer drag chain for the Y on ebay but got the upgrade x drag chain. Your workboard will need to be bigger too!

I had ordered extra extrusion, gussets, bolts, and nuts, etc, back when it was a Shapeoko. This made for a more rigid machine. I just added the stiffeners, 9mm belts/pulleys, and risers a few days ago. I had the x axis upgrade from cnc4newbies last year. The stiffer you can make the machine the better off you are in my opinion.

Right now it is sitting on plastic saw horses and a couple sheets of mdf. I may spring for some extrusions or a better bench to support it. I think it is a good idea to have extra hardware items on hand too. Bolts, nuts, insertion nuts, washers, etc. That way when one rolls off into a crack, you don’t need to make an extra trip to the store.

It seems pretty rigid now and I have to calibrate it again for the new belts. I’m hoping all this improves the accuracy I’m looking for.