HELP using the workpiece tab

was wondering if its possible to combine multiple projects into a single project using the workpiece tab.

What are you trying to achieve?

Its rather common to have one Workpiece with the overall design, which is the segmented into severeal “Duplicates” or SubWorkpiece.

Such workflow allow one to dictate cut order etc.
The segments need to share same reference point in order to same mork zero to be relevant.

Homing switches are recommended, because a work zero is stored as an offset relative to machine zero and can by re-homing (if position is lost) remain consistent.

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Thanks for responding to my post

I’m trying to condense a 3 step carve that was previously broken into 2 projects. Meaning I would use a roughing and detail in the first project then a second project to offset the original art to remove it from the waste


I just found the answer to all my questions involving the workpiece tab thanks to another great video from paw paws workshop

“How to Use Work Pieces in Easel” on YouTube

Thanks again Haldor and Phil

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