Help w/ Engraving Exterior Plastic Signs - small

Grandpa Karl here looking for some advice and direction. I have offered to make small ( 3"x5") signs (28 count) for planting boxes for my grandson’s Prairie Restoration Eagle Scout project . The material I’m thinking about is multi-layer plastic that can be engraved and mounted outdoors.

Question # 1: Is there a difference in material, i.e. internal versus external type? Perhaps a 10 year life cycle could be used.

Question #2: I was thinking of using a 1/2" v bit to do the carving. Would you use something else?

Question #3: Do you have a good source for the material?

Thanks in advance

Inventables sells two color HDPE sheets (High Density Poly Styrene). This plastic should give your reasonable outdoor life. It is two sheets of different color sandwiched together. It is intended to be engraved as you describe so that carved letters show through with a different color than the face.✓&criteria=two+color

One more thing, Inventables also sells the v-bits if you are looking for some.

1/2" PVC sheet from Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards. However you will want dust collection with this material.

Thanks to the folks that responded.