Help with 3D or 2.5D carving

I am doing some work trading with someone. He designed me a new logo and asked that I cut his log into wood for his wall.

I have attached the DXF but what he wants is a relieve carving but I am not exactly shure the best way to do it. I would like the lines to be the ridge of the carve and use a 60* bit to carve around it but I need the line to be treated as the object.

Any advice? I have Inkscape but I am just a tad above worthless with it. I was thinking of getting Illistrator again but Its hard to justify it since I don’t use it much.Company Logo.dxf (3.6 KB)

I opened up the dxf file you attached and nothing is there.
Save things as an SVG using InkScape

He designed it in autocad. So I only have access to what ever comes out of Autocad.
I had the same issue when I opened it it was blank but when I import it into easel it shows up.

Can you share the Easel file? I tried to open it using Easel and was not successful

Its not shared publicly, make sure you hit the save button after you copied the url

Oops try now

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Is this what you’re wanting to do?

Yes thats exactly it

What bits are you using? When I chose my origial bits it said 29 hours :slight_smile:

Nevermind I see that you didn’t change them

I can get it to look like that but its only after I select a 1/8 depth for the deer. I want that to be zero and I am getting this…

Each line has hundreds of nodes, I need to take each line and convert it to curves then reduce some of the nodes. Then convert the line to an object then weld all the objects together. I will work on it some more and load it up when I have it done.

any chance I can send you a webex so you can show me how you are doing it. Is there a PM option here?

I’m using CorelDraw to do it in, I dont use InkScape that much but maybe someone who does will know if InkScape can do this.

I just reinstalled Adobe illustrator. I wonder if its a similar workflow. I send you a direct message via this forum with my email if you are game for jumping on a webex.



I finished it :grin:

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