Help with 6 mm bit for neon sign

Hi friends,
I am new to CNC and I am trying to make an acrylic neon sign for my daughter. I have a Masuter Pro CNC and a 6 mm Neon compression Bit. When I tried to configure my bit on easel the designs is not fiting… I dont know how to fix my vector image to make 6 mm bit work. Any help will be very apreciated.
Below is the link to my project.
My project

I imagine the problem is my svg file. Maybe the trace need enlarge to 6 mm but, I dont know how to do this…

You would need a single line design, not a wide solid shape.
and you’d need to set it to “cut on shape path” instead of “clear out a pocket”

Also, the bit that you had posted over on facebook is too large for the masuter pro to accommodate in a single pass, you would need to use a smaller bit, create a slot, then come back with the special bit you have to create that undercut for the LED to snap into place.