Help with a rabbit cut without cutting the center

i am looking to rabbit cut shapes without wasting the extra time to cut the center due to it being a speaker ring and info on this?

as you can see the rabbit cut is .5 inches around the center shape. i don’t need the extra time that it adds to cut the center because the center is being cut out. is there a way to do this?

create another circle, set it to fill at zero depth and place on tpo your piece


Just make sure the outline cut is brought to the top (or at least to the layer just above the pocket) or else the outline cut will only be carved to the depth of the pocket.

Right now, the shared project above would be carved like this.
image (2)

After bringing the outline to the front, the center plug will actually get cut out. The tabs are there, but Easel is not showing them (toolpaths still show them).
image (2)


Brandon Parker

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