Help with a Vcarve project for Father's Day!

Hey guys so I just finished carving out my first ever 3d project with vcarve. Ever since I have been addicted to it. I’ve followed all of their tutorials which are fantastic btw! I’ve been able to pickup the basics. Anyways I jumped on DesignAndMake and loved their projects so I bought the “Dad’s Garage #1” I got all the clip art placed and set like I want that part was no problem.

Now I am working on the text. I imported the Free “Stylized Garage text” and then used the “draw text” tool to write dad’s on it.

When I go to make my vcarve toolpath and finishing toolpath, the finishing toolpath covers the text. So I am assuming I am not doing this correctly. the picture shows what I mean

I know in the golf award I had to project toolpath onto 3d model. I figured I had to do the same on this since it’s in a dish. But the render shows up like this.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

On the v-carved text toolpath hit the checkbox to project the toolpath onto the model.

That’s what I first did, see the last image I posted it shows up like that.

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hmmm…odd…I’ll play with duplicating this when I get home from work…

Awesome thank you! I’ve been messing around with it but nothing yet.

is the start depth off?

Hmm I’ll look into that and see what I can figure out

Phil is right, since it seems you want to cut the words first. it’s chewing down, trying to do those. Then switches to what looks like a 3d path to cut out the rest of the project. The words are up much higher and you are just seeing the remaining scratches left by the tool’s tip at the 3d plane.

playing around with all the settings, still can’t seem to get it to work

lots of us have the software. happy to work with hit if you want to share a copy via PM.

playing with designandmake files. I’m pretty sure if I shared the file I’d get in trouble. :frowning:

I made up a quick test with Design and Make parts and I cannot recreate this…

Can you describe the steps you take to create your sign and generate the toolpaths…

Do you click on material setup under the toolpath settings (right side of the screen)?

From what I read is that I can use the files to make carvings, and I can sell said carvings, But I can’t share the files themselves, I also can’t mass produce carvings.

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Make a copy of your file, then convert the text to Curves then generate a new V-Carve toolpath projecting onto 3d model and see what that does.

Sometime text is converted in segments so make sure it is all a closed path…

EDIT: sometimes text does some strange things and converting them to curves will help.

completely redid the model, this is what it looks like now. finally have text but not sure if it’s just me but it looks like its supper deep and won’t turn out very good

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What are your v-carve settings…you may need to add a flat depth (top of the v-carve toolpath).

With the recess cut from the frame and the depth of the lettering it is cutting through the board…just not enough material left…thicker wood or add a flat depth.

You could add a base to all of the models making everything thicker that way the v-carve will have more material left to look correct.