Help with bit selection

I’m getting some fraying and grooves currently using 1/8 ball nose upcut bit - what bit would help to eliminate that

Besides Bit selection, I can see you need to tune your machine. I only can tell by looking to this picture.
Also you better mention about your equipment in more detail. Like what kind of spindle you’re using. Did you go true this forum for wheels, stepper power adjustments instructions, belt tensions ETC.
One thing sure, you can’t use Ball Head Bits for anything other than relief details. If you want to carve something, practice with regular straight cutting flutes or spiral bits.

I’m using the dewalt 611.

Is there general instructions somewhere to download on tuning?

Doing cutouts and engraving seem to look nice.

Just type anything you want to learn in this forum to Search, you can see magnifying glass on upper right.

A ball-end mill will tend to leave the fingerprint on the bottom, and upcut mills will tend to leave fibers on upper edges of wood, especially plywood.

If you want a clean bottom, you will need a flat-cutting bit. Downcutting bits work well with wood to leave clean edges, and my straight flute bits seen to work well on MDF.

Remember that if you want to cut something harder, like aluminum, you need to use an upcut bit. You want the chips removed from the cut so they don’t cause problems on the next go-round.

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Thanks for the tips…I’m pretty new to all this so it’s very helpful.