Help with Easel

I have been sitting like this for awhile? What is wrong or what do I need to check

you are not making the connection between your system and the controller.

you need to check the connection between your system and the controller. here is a short list.

  1. is your USB cable plugged in?
  2. is your system detecting the controller when you plug the USB cable in?
  3. is your system loading the drivers for your controller after it is detected?
  4. Is the baud rate set to 115,200 on the port you are using to connect (i.e. comm3, comm5 etc.) ?

get those out of the way first then start checking other reasons why they would not communicate.

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Thank you so much for the info, I will check those. Much appreciate your help.

I am connected to Easel and started my test run, nothing is moving.

Okay so the message you posted about is resolved?

  1. is there a new message?
  2. did you run setup in easel?
  3. during the setup in easel did the machine move then?

I would try this link if you have not went through the setup yet.

Ran set up machine did not move

Okay it sounds like you have your system “talking” to the controller. but your controller is not controlling your machine so that means that there is an issue with the connections “wires” or the motors.
it is very unlikely that you would have 4 bad motors, more likely that you have an error inside your controller “board not connected with ribbon cable” or wires not fully connected in the connector at the controller.

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Your machine may be in an alarm state which is why it is not responding. Easel doesn’t report that when you are setting up the machine. You can use picsender or UGS - either will show you the alarm state which can be cleared with a $X command or a $H home command that will home the machine. Note: Before you home the machine for the first time you need to make sure that the axis are moving in the right direction.
Once the alarm is clear you should be able to continue.

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I use a raspberry pi and compile my own Easel Local for Linux. I have no problem with my connection but you are right about the alarm state. but then when you run Easel setup it should unlock the machine when the command is sent through the JSON server to the controller. but it would not hurt for the OP to try to manually unlock the machine but I was and am hesitant to mention other programs because it seems that they are having enough problems trying to use Easel which is very user friendly. by the way the OP can still go to machine inspector through the machine menu then advanced menu then machine inspector menu and enter the unlock or home command from there.

here is a screen shot of what the console

looks like.