Help with file - sits on simulating, never proceeds

If anyone can help me get this file to run, I would greatly appreciate it!

For starters, I would use a V-Bit to carve this into the stock material.

I made a new file and pasted everything on your first workpiece into it and it still seemed to not make it very far with toolpath generated. I then noticed a few “I” shapes near the (0, 0) location and removed them since they seemed to not belong there.

I am going to let it run overnight and see where it is at in the morning since it still has not completed simulating the toolpaths.

I’ll let you know if I find something or if it even completes.

You can always contact Inventables Support and point them to the file.


Brandon R. Parker

WOW!!! Thank You!!!

So, the only other change I made was to the depth; I made everything 0.028" deep.

I am not certain how long it took, but it did complete the toolpath generation at some point during the day today.

I can not say why it took so long, but it finished. I would send this file to Inventables’ Customer Support to see if they can determine why the toolpath generation is taking such a long time.


Brandon R. Parker

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Thank You So Very Much!!!

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