Help with Hinges


Not an X carve project but i need a little advice. I’ve build a storage box which goes behind my sofa up against a all. I’ve got a thick 1.5" x 10" length to make the top from. I’d like the tops to hinge up from the back edge however using a normal kitchen door hinge the top hits in to the wall before it can open. Is there a special kind of hinge which would push the top forward before opening to clear the wall?


I’ve found these, i don’t know what they are officaly called but i found them on a google search for “lift hinge”

I can’t however picture the movement and if they will work. I’ve ordered a pair from amazon and will try.

Try searching for a face frame euro hinge. There are a million varieties. Most are fairly inexpensive.

This should solve your question AND help me with one of my own :smiley:

Have you shared this project on Instagram? I’m looking at building a new console for our couch and this time we want storage.