Help with images from google into easel

hi guys hope your all well im making a table and want to use this logo in easel can any one please change this image for me and make it more clear in easel i would be most graetful for your help i am new to easel and only had my new toy last month thanks again guys here the logo and my email address if any one can help thanks again james

here is an svg i made for you

let me know if this helps

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sir you are a legend many thanks to you can i ask how you did that ? what program do u use thanks again james


oh no problem check out this website

its super easy and will convert almost any image into a svg

also look into the image trace app within easel this works as well and you can do a bit more with it but i think that the website above does a better job

but i believe between the 2 almost any image can be done up pretty easy

glad i could help

alot of the problem with that image above is the shading of colors and the very small details in the crown and the anchor I believe if it was brought into inkscape you could do alot more with it and even photoshop can help to make a cleaner image